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Fund for Faculty Publications: Home

The Faculty Publication Fund provides support to faculty members who incur costs in publishing books and articles in refereed journals.

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For questions or more information about the Faculty Publication Fund, contact Jane Monson, Digital Initiatives Librarian, at or 970-351-3878.

About the Fund

The Fund for Faculty Publications addresses growing demand from UNC faculty for support of book and journal publication fees. Certain book publishers and open access journals are outlets that typically assess these fees, but other traditional journals, especially in the sciences, do as well, and increasingly faculty are paying such charges out of personal funds.

$10,000 is allocated for the fund for fiscal year 2016. The source of funds is the Provost's pool of dollars for faculty research (the same source of funding for Faculty Research and Publications Board projects).

Awards will be made in amounts up to $2000 to reimburse charges for publication fees paid by faculty members related to books and peer-reviewed journals. Awards will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

The fund was developed by the Acting Assistant Vice President for Research and the University Libraries Scholarly Communications Committee with input from the Research Advisory Council, Faculty Research and Publications Board, Provost Leadership Team, several other faculty and campus leaders, and the newly constituted Faculty Publication Fund Review Committee (Jane Monson, Chair; Steve Mackessy; Dana Walker; Bette Rathe; and as ex-officio member, Robert Houser). Similar programs at UNC's peer institutions were examined in the development process for the program. 

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for a Faculty Publication Award, applicants must meet seven conditions. The eligible applicant:

1. Is a UNC tenured, tenure-track, or full-time contract-renewable faculty member.

2. Is the senior or corresponding author on an accepted article for publication in a refereed journal for which publication fees have been invoiced to the author.

  • In the case of Mathematical Sciences and other disciplines wherein the custom is to list authors alphabetically, this requirement is waived; the UNC co-authors may decide which individual will submit the request. In this situation, documentation of this custom is requested (e.g., a copy of the Americal Mathematical Society's 2004 Culture or Research and Scholarship in Mathematics: Joint Research and Its Publication).

3. Has not previously received a UNC Faculty Publication Award during the same fiscal year as date of application (charges cannot be transferred from one fiscal year to the next).

4. Is not delayed in submitting a final report for internal University programs, including the Summer Support Initiative, the Faculty Reassignment Program, and Faculty Research and Publications Award.

5. Has requested and been denied a waiver for publication fees by a publisher who gives such waivers (if applicable).

6. Has exhausted external funds specifically budgeted for publication in the approved budget before requesting support from this program (if applicable; grant funds devoted to publication must be expended first).

For further information about fund eligibility and application procedures, see the FAQs page.