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Cited Reference Searching

What is Cited Reference Searching?

Cited reference searching allows you to see who cited a published work. Looking at footnotes, you can follow research backwards in time to see what sources the author(s) used. Cited reference searching allows you to take research forwards by seeing newer articles that cited the article you are using.

 Citation indexes allow searching of journal articles by author, subject term, and journal title, like other indexes.  The difference is in the ability to search the cited reference list or bibliographies of the journal articles.  This enables a searcher to find the articles cited by journal article author (the historical origin of the article) and the articles that are citing this particular journal article (current impact in the research literature of this article).  It also permits the comparison of reference lists to find articles that share common sources.


Which citation indexes does UNC have?

On the Search All tab, click on Databases A to Z to locate the three citation indexes are now available on Web of Science, Social Sciences Citation Index, Science Citation Index, and Arts and Humanitites Citation Index.  Click on the Web of Science link.


Once in the database choose either the All Databases option or the Web of Science Core Collection option next to the orange search box on the upper left section of the page. All three indexes will be searched by default  unless one or more specific indexes are unchecked in the More Settings area. 



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What is the Web of Science Core Collection?

Search over 55 million records from the top journals, conference proceedings, and books in the Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities to find the high quality reserach most relevant to your area of interest. You can use linked cited references to explore the subject connections between articles that are established by the expert researchers working in your field.

Web of Science databases

Arts & Humanities Citation Index,  Science Citation Index, and Social Sciences Citation Index are part of the Core Collection and may be search individually or as a group.

Problems connecting?

If you are having problems connecting to this resource, please use the link below  to Web of Science and log in with the username and password found on the online username and password list (link below)