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This guide discusses the uses and rules from the different platforms on which we have purchased individual ebooks

About this guide

This guide contains information about the 14 different ebook platforms on which we have purchased more than one individual title as of August 2012.  Platforms where books are purchased as a collection, for example, Credo Reference, are not covered in this guide.  Platforms for which we only have a single title are also not covered in this guide.

Each tab contains information for a platform in a table.  Below are some things to keep in mind about each of the table elements:

Multiple Users? Can more than one machine look at the same content?
Copy and Paste?
Download? We do not currently have a platform that supports downloads to Kindles (unless the owner has hacked it to be able to read pdf files). Nooks, ipads, Android tablets, laptops and desktop machines may require software for downloads to perform correctly.
Books and Journals on same platform? Can a person conduct a search on this platform that yields results of both book and journal content?
Need Username and Password? Most of these platforms allow for a person to create a username and password, this table element speaks to whether account creation is necessary.
Vendor help available? Does the company that created the platform hosting the ebook have help pages for users?

I will do my best to update this information as necessary.  Please be aware that platforms change often, sometimes without warning.

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