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Sport and Exercise Science

A library guide for Sport & Exercise Science students at the University of Northern Colorado - including those studying athletic training, sport pedagogy, and sports coaching.
Find Research Instruments

Instruments are assessments, scales, questionnaires, measures, surveys, inventories, and tests used in qualitative and quantitative research. Some instruments are commercial and proprietary ($) and some are not. If you are conducting a research experiment or observation, you may need to locate and find a research instrument that will help you collect data. Identifying and finding instruments can sometimes be difficult. If you are starting the process of locating an instrument and having any difficulties, please email ( For a more thorough guide on educational research instruments, see

Steps for Locating Research Instruments
Step 1: Identify a Research Instrument
Identifying an instrument that will help you collect the data you need for your research is generally just the beginning of the process. Below are databases that can help you identify a research instrument. Start by searching broadly and then narrowing down your results. Some databases include any validity and reliability information available.
Step 2: Locate a Full Text Copy
Locating a copy of the instrument will help you decide if the instrument is the right measurement or data collection tool for your research. Many times dissertations and theses will include a copy of the research instrument in an appendix if possible. Other times the instrument can be inferred from the results section of a primary research article or included as an appendix to an article. University Libraries also maintains a small collection of research instruments that are searchable through the Books and More database (limit the search to Location “Mich Tests”).
Step 3: Obtain Permissions for Use
In the health sciences, many research instruments are available on request (unless the instrument is found online with a Creative Commons or Public Domain license). However, determining who holds the rights to an instrument can be difficult. Your librarian can help you with this. Make sure to keep a paper trail of the request and granted permissions. Some instruments are only available commercially (these are more often educational or psychological tests). For example, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) costs ~$40 per test; so if you are testing a population of 40 students, the cost will be $40x40.
Databases to Identify Research Instruments
Health & Psychosocial Instruments
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
CINAHL Plus with Full Text