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Sport Administration

A library guide for Sport Administration undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Northern Colorado.
Find Journal Articles by Citation
Once you find a great article, one of the easiest methods of finding more great articles on the same subject is to look through the bibliography of the article and take note of other titles that look interesting to you. Once you have a citation, you need to be able to get to the actual article. The videos and links from this page will teach you how to go from citations to full text article!
UlrichsWeb Peer Review Indicator
Determine Peer-Reviewed Status
UlrichsWeb is a listing of journals that includes whether or not a journal is peer reviewed (aka refereed) or not. Simply open UlrichsWeb, type in the title of the journal, and look for a referee's jersey symbol (see symbol on right). If a referee's journal symbol appears next to the title, it is a peer-reviewed journal.
Tools for Finding Journal Articles by Citation
Google Scholar
Journal Title Search
Interlibrary Loan - Request items not at UNC.