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Sport Administration

A library guide for Sport Administration undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Northern Colorado.
Industry Research Guide

Key Resources

IBISWorld Database
Search for industry reports by keyword, code, or company name.
U.S. reports only.

Statista Database
Search by keyword or use filters on the left.

Choose "Industry Profiles" on the home screen.

U.S. Industry
Classification Codes


Some resources allow (or require) you to search by industry code. Find codes by keyword in the two commonly used U.S. industry classification systems:


For more on industries, see our guide on: Economics: Data Sources

Professional Associations

Professional and trade associations can be valuable sources of hard-to-find industry information. Depending on the association, you may be able to access their reports and news for free.

Find trade associations:
Enter the industry name into a search engine along with the word "professional," "association," or "organization."

Example: A search for "footwear association" brings up the "National Shoe Retailers Association" and the "American Apparel & Footwear Association".

Government Industry Information