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Gender Studies: Reference Sources

Research guide for students enrolled in Gender Studies courses at the University of Northern Colorado

Start Here

Effective research starts with a basic overview of your topic.  Begin your study with a reputable reference source.

Start here to locate reference materials.

Topic Overviews: CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher topical reports provide an excellent starting point for research on social issues related to gender or sexual orientation.  Each one contains an introduction to the topic, an overview, chronology, outlook, pros & cons, and a bibliography.  See, for example, these reports in within the CQ Researcher database:  Women & Work, 2013; or Gay Rights, 2012.

Reference Sources: Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias orient you to a topic, and provide context, historical overview, and vocabulary.  Entries typically end with a bibliography that can point you toward the most influential books and articles on the topic.


Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender, MacMillan 2007

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, Sage 2009

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America, Scribners, 2004

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, Oxford, 2008.

See Gale Virtual Reference  or Oxford Reference for additional online titles.

Jewish Women's Archive - Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia: covers the the varied accomplishments of Jewish women and their many contributions to the Jewish historical experience over the course of the past three millennia.

PRINT ENCYCLOPEDIAS (located either in storage or in the third floor stacks of Michener Library):

Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender:  Men and Women in the World's Cultures:  Michnr Stacks  HQ16 .E53 2004  v.1 &2

Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures:  Michnr Storage  HQ1170 .E53 2003  v.1-6

The above are just a few examples; to find more, do a search in Books & More, limiting location to Michener Reference; or browse the HQ section on the first floor; or add the phrase "and encyclopedias" to your keyword search.

Reference Sources: Handbooks

Handbooks provide in-depth information and present the latest research on a topic.  Scan the table of contents to find relevant chapters.  Here are just a few examples:

Handbook of Race-Ethnicity and Gender in Psychology, Springer, 2014, Online.

Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies, Sage, 2006:   Michnr Stacks HQ1180 .H355 2006


To find more handbooks, add the phrase "and handbooks" to your keyword search.