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SRM 600: Introduction to Graduate Research

This course-specific guide features resources that will help you get started with your research process for SRM 600: Introduction to Graduate Research and other courses you may be interested in taking at UNC,

Choosing a Topic/Brainstorming: Helpful Tools

Hello, Graduate Students in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences!

This guide is here to help you find the resources you will need for your research in SRM 600. Explore the guide, and please don’t hesitate to contact a librarian if you need more help.

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself is...

How do you start a research project?

Well, first, you have to choose a topic, narrow it down, and come up with the key words you’ll need to search for books and articles on your topic…and this is before you even start research and writing!

Here are some free online tools to help you through the process.

Brainstorming provides you with a fun way to map and visualize your topic. You have to create an account (it’s easy) to save, print and export. is also great for group projects as can be seen below.

VisuWords is an online graphical dictionary. Put in any word and watch it go!