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Africana Studies

This guide provides research tips for Africana Studies students at University of Northern Colorado.

Examples of African Studies-related scholarly journals and popular magazines

To browse for African Studies journals, use the Journal Titles search.  From the second drop-down menu, choose “History & Archaeology," then the  "Regions & Countries—Africa” link.

Here are some African Studies journals available at UNC:

Africa: journal of the International African Institute [Devoted to the study of African societies and cultures]

Africa Today [Examines issues affecting contemporary Africa, with emphasis on politics and economics]

African Affairs [Publishes articles on recent political, social, and economic developments in sub-Saharan countries]

African and Asian Studies [Provides a scholarly account of studies of individuals and societies in Africa and Asia]

African Archaeological Review [Publishes articles on all aspects of the archaeology of Africa and neighboring islands, including new field data and discussions of interregional processes, cultural transitions, and Africa's place in world archaeology]

African Arts [Serves as a primary teaching tool for courses on African art, visual culture, and related subjects]

African Development Review [Devoted to the study & analysis of development policy in Africa]

African Studies [Scholarly articles on topics relevant to African anthropology, history, politics, linguistics, literature, sociology and related studies]

African Studies Quarterly: the online journal of African studies [Presents manuscripts of African studies from every discipline]

African Studies Review: the Journal of the African Studies Association [Covers all aspects of African studies]

Country Review. Tanzania [Covers demographic, political, economic, social, corporate, cultural, and environmental information]

Country Review. Uganda [Covers demographic, political, economic, social, corporate, cultural, and environmental information]

International Journal of African Historical Studies [Covers all aspects of African history, from the stone age to the present]

Journal of African History [Contains articles and book reviews ranging widely over the African past, from the late Stone Age to the 1970s]

Journal of African Cultural Studies [Focuses on dimensions of African culture including African literatures both oral and written, performance arts, visual arts, music, the role of the media, the relationship between culture and power, as well as issues within such fields as popular culture in Africa, sociolinguistic topics of cultural interest, and culture and gender]

Journal of Contemporary African Studies [Takes an interdisciplinary approach to foster a better understanding of African politics, sociology, geography, and literature]

Journal of Modern African Studies [Covers the politics, economics and related aspects of contemporary Africa

Journal of North African Studies [Covers research on the history, sociology, anthropology, economy and diplomacy of Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and the Maghreb states]

Journal of Religion in Africa [Studies of the forms and history of religion on the African continent, with particular emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa and the relationships between Christianity and Islam in the region]

Journal of Southern African Studies [Provides a scholarly inquiry and exposition in the fields of economics, sociology, geography, demography, social anthropology, administration, law, political science, international relations, history, and natural sciences, as they relate to the human condition]

Northeast African Studies [Scholarly journal on Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and Djibouti; presents a panoramic and interrogative view of the political and cultural landscapes of the Horn of Africa]

Philosophia Africana [Promotes scholarly research & teaching of philosophy from the point of view of African & African Diaspora experience & traditions]

Swahili Forum [Publishes papers on all aspects of the Swahili language, culture and society as well as book reviews pertaining to these topics]

Transformation: critical perspectives on Southern Africa [Forum for analysis and debate about South African society in transition, as well as the surrounding region, and the global context that affects southern African developments]