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Sport Administration

A library guide for Sport Administration undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Northern Colorado.
For Faculty
Below is a short list of common library, scholarship, publishing, and information literacy services that University Libraries and librarians provide for faculty. If you have questions about any services, tools, or collections please contact Maggie Shawcross.
Face-to-Face Instruction (@ Library or Your Classroom)
Synchronous Online Sessions
Are you assigning a research project to your students this semester? Schedule a library instruction session (either in your classroom or at Michener Library) and Maggie Shawcross will meet with you and your students to discuss the library research process. Maggie will tailor the session to student needs and project parameters. Take a look at the overview of Student Learning Outcomes for Information Literacy and contact Maggie to discuss specific student learning outcomes for your course.
Click Image to Open Scheduling Form
Scheduling Library Instruction Form
Asynchronous Online Library Tutorials, Videos, and Webpages
Are you teaching an online class with students here, there, and everywhere? Are synchronous online sessions not possible or not preferred? If you are, and would like to integrate some type of library instruction through tutorials, videos, and websites, please let me know. I am happy to put something together for your students. We do have many prepared videos, tutorials, and webpages that address some of the major research questions - these can be put together on a customized site for you students (see an example). Additional materials can be created with sufficient advance notice. If this sounds like something you want to do, let's talk!
Research & Publishing Support
Library Research Services: Your Partner in Research, Scholarship, & Creative Works
When most faculty think of library research support, they most often talk about assistance with identifying and retrieving books and journals articles. And while this is true - we will help you identify, locate, and retrieve any book or journal article in the UNC collections or from other libraries - we can help you with so much more. From the initial stages of the research planning process to literature reviews to methodology resources (e.g., the ebooks, digital journal articles, videos, case studies, and planning documents in SAGE Research Methods) to finding the right journal to publish in to negotiating for your rights as an author, the members of the Library Research Services department are here to help you! The graphic to the right provides an overview of research support services provided by the University Libraries and links to help videos and more detailed information. Ready for more? Contact Maggie Shawcross for a one-on-one consultation, a workshop for you and your colleagues, or with a specific question.
Click Image for Interactive PDF
Research Support PDF
Consider how your librarian may be able to help you with...
Author Impact
Author Rights
Citation Management
Creative Commons Licenses
Database Alerts
Data Management
Data Sets (Identifying & Accessing)
Grey Literature
Institutional Repository
Journal Alerts
Open Access
OERs (Open Educational Resources)
Publication Venues
Researcher Profiles & IDs
Surveys & Instruments (Identifying & Accessing)
Is there an information literacy, library research, or scholarship support topic that you'd like to see offered to you and your colleagues in a workshop? 
From topics like PubMed Searching to Using RefWorks to Organize & Share Your Literature Review Sources to Exploring SAGE Research Methods to our established Researcher Workshop Series, the University Libraries want to provide you with timely workshops that help you in your teaching and research. We do offer workshops in Michener Library that are open to the entire campus, but if you are interested in having a workshop customized to your program's needs, we are happy to accommodate. So if you'd like a 30 minute overview of Citation Tracing at your next faculty meeting, contact Maggie and let her know. For library workshops open to the entire campus, check out the Michener Events Calendar.
This is one of workshops from the Researcher Workshop Series
Example Workshop
Requests for Learning Materials
If there are books, videos, or subscriptions that you would like to see added to UNC library collections, please contact Maggie Shawcross. Most small requests can be accommodated quickly; larger subscription purchases are reviewed by a committee and the Associate Dean of the Libraries. At the Libraries we work to be responsible stewards of the money we are entrusted with, so each time we consider a purchase we weigh price against value, use, and need for requested materials. While you may most often think of books and journals as the learning materials provided by the UNC Libraries, other collections are possible, such as the anatomy model collection (click on examples at right). 
Anatomy Model Anatomical Heart Model
Course Reserves
Course Reserve Request Form 

To put something on Reserve for your students, fill out a Course Reserve Request Form and bring it with your materials to the main desk in Michener or Skinner Library. If you have an electronic version of the material you can email the files to Paloma Barraza ( or Sarah Vaughn ( Please allow at least 48 hours for materials to be processed. All material must be accompanied by complete citation information.


Library staff will work with you to obtain copyright permission.

Click Image to Explore Course Reserves
Course Reserves
Why take the chance? Let the library help ensure all your course materials are posted with the correct copyright permissions. The Michener Library Reserve Policy is designed to comply with U.S. copyright law, based on the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976, and subsequent case law. To determine if placing copyrighted materials on Reserve is a fair use of those materials, please see the Library Reserve Fair Use Information sheet or speak with Paloma Barraza ( or Sarah Vaughn (
Electronic Reserve
Electronic Reserve is a service whereby readings selected by faculty are scanned and stored online, usually as PDF files, and can be viewed and printed by registered UNC students. The Electronic Reserve service can also be used to direct students to an article available in an online journal database or other web resource. In addition, you can link to Electronic Reserves from Canvas. Bring materials for Electronic Reserve to the Michener Library main desk. Please provide clean copies, with complete citation information for any copyrighted material. The staff will be happy to scan book chapters for you. If you have an electronic version of the material – for instance, a set of lecture notes in Microsoft Word format – you can email the file along with the Reserve Form to Paloma Barraza ( From the library’s online catalog, students can search for reserve materials by the name of the instructor or the course abbreviation.
Print Reserve
Print Reserve materials can be books, articles, audiovisual materials, educational kits, or other materials either from the Library’s circulating collection or owned by the professor or department. Please note that stickers and book pockets will be attached to personal materials for Reserve use. The Library assumes no responsibility for replacing personal materials should they be damaged or lost.