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Community Health Education

A guide of library resources for students and faculty of community and public health education at the University of Northern Colorado.
Find Journal Articles by Topic
CINAHL is the best literature database for nursing and allied health literature. Depending on your topic, PubMed (medical literature) and PsycINFO (psychological literature) are the next two databases most useful. Education Source provides access to the latest in education techniques. As nursing is an interdisciplinary field, additional databases are listed below. To browse all UNC Libraries databases, see Databases A-Z.
4 Best Starting Places for Community Health Education Research
PubMed now requires users to create seperate account to access resources. For more information, click link.
Education Source
Google ScholarAnd, if you’re thinking, “Wait, what about Google Scholar?” I’ll answer you by saying that Google Scholar is a fine tool for what it is. But if you are using Google Scholar to find literature on your topic, you need to take some extra steps. For instance, library databases allow you to limit your results to peer-review journals – or only index peer reviewed journals (e.g.PubMed). Many databases include limits that Google Scholar does not have; to name two really useful limiters: type of article (qualitative, quantitative, systematic review, etc.) and age group (6-12, 13-18, 19-44, etc.). If you do find articles through Google Scholar, use UlrichsWeb to determine if the articles were published in peer reviewed journals.