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Communication, Journalism, & Media Studies

Online and print resources for the School of Communication

News Databases (Current & Historical)



Checking Bias, Facts & Trends in News

AllSides - "A media solutions company that strengthens our democratic society with balanced news, media bias ratings, diverse perspectives, and real conversation." Check out their Media Bias Ratings for specific news outlets and publications.

Ad Fontes Media - Provides individual news source ratings and an interactive Media Bias Chart.

GDELT Summary - "This service [from the GDELT Project] allows you to rapidly create a visual dashboard that summarizes global news media coverage of a particular topic. Using the options below you will select the dataset to search, the kind of dashboard you want, the specific displays to include in your dashboard and the search to run."

WIRED Deepfakes - Articles on the latest deepfake news and trends.

Fact-Checking Websitesdecorative image

Verification Handbook: An Ultimate Guideline on Digital Age Sourcing for Emergency Coverage / Craig Silverman, ed. (free ebook in multiple formats and languages)

Additional Verification and Digital Investigations Resources from Craig Silverman

Websites for Journalists