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Journal Indexes for History: Home

Indexing for History Journals



EBSCOHOST includes several databases that index history books, articles and primary resources. The most efficient way of searching is to select EBSCOHOST and then "select all" databases. EBSCO databases that include history content include Academic Search Premier, Art Index Retrospective, Book Index with Reviews, Current Biography Illustrated, E-Book Collection, Gender Studies, History Reference Center, Humanities Source, Legal Source, Newspaper Source, and probably others as well. EBSCOHOST also links to e-content of other databases, such as ProQuest, Sage, Web of Science, etc.



  • Provides one-stop searching of the content of many but not all our commercial indexes.   
  • Links to full e-text.
  • Links to catalog records for print only titles.
  • Searches can be limited to journals only.
  • Subject searching is available. 


  • Not likely to index journals that we don't subscribe to.  



  • Indexes hundred's of core history journals
  • Coverages goes back to vol. 1 issue 1 of almost all the journals included
  • Almost all content is available as pdf


  • No indexing for title not included in the database.
  • All searching is keyword full-text. No controlled vocabulary (subject) searching. 

Google Scholar 


  • Indexes nearly all that exists, whether we have a subscription or not.
  • Links to e-content that we subscribe to 
  • Includes a citation index and "lists of related articles".
  • It's free


  • Also indexes books and other materials, so most searches result in a large, confusing mass of indistinguishable urls.
  • No controlled vocabulary, subject searching.