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History - Collections of Historical Papers Housed in the Government Documents area

Collections of primary documents, especially relevant for studying U.S. history. These collections include official government reports, laws. treaties, official papers, correspondence, etc.


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U.S. Government


The Library of Congress "A Century of Lawmaking" has many historical Congressional Documents avaiable online including: 

American State papers

  • 38 Voumes, collected documents from the period 1775-1828. Assembled in several series with, Foreign Relations, Indian Affairs, Commerce and Navigation, Military Affairs, Naval Affairs, Finance and Public Lands.
  • Indexed by the CIS Congressional Serial Set Index
  • Also included in the Readex microprint set.
  • Online at the Library of Congress American Memory Project

United States Congressional Serial Set

  • Collections of Congressional Committee reports, reports from executive branch agencies and other materials that constitute a documentary history of the U.S. Congress.
  • The American State Papers and vol. 1 - 3346 (1775 - 1885) of the Serial State are contained in a Readex Microprint Collection. A special microprint reader is necessary to read it.
  • The library has most of the bound volumes from 1789 to the present, but some gaps exist.
  • Some volumes online at the Library of Congress American Memory Project
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set Online

Congressional hearings, reports and other documents 1970 - present

  • Index and some full text at ProQuest Congressional
  • Most publications are available in the Government Publications section on the Lower Level. Many will have catalog records and many are available online at FDSys (

A Documentary History of the United States Constitution (S8.2: )

  • Letters, formal resolutions and other papers related to the U.S. Constitution. 1786-1870.

Congressional Record 1789 - present 

  • The official transcripts of the proceedings and floor activities of Congress.
  • previously titled, Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and the Congressional Globe.
  • Up to the 43rd Congress (1874-75) online at the Library of Congress American Memory Project
  • Most volumes are available in print in the Gov Docs Collection
  • 1994 - present are at FDSys (
  • HeinOnline

Public papers of the Presidents (AE 1.114: )

  • Speeches, papers, press releases and transcripts of press conferences.
  • Volumes for Presidents Hoover through Clinton (excluding Roosevelt) are under this call number. Volumes from pre-Hoover Presidents are included in volume 3265 of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set Online

Economic/Social/Demographic History

 Historical Census volumes in pdf format - original volumes in electronic  format. 1790 through Census 2000. Print volumes of 1790 through 1990 are available in the Government Documents Collection.

Statistical Abstracts of the United States - 1878 through 2010 in pdf format. Historical Statistics of the United States 1789-1945 is also available here in pdf and Excel format.

Social Explorer - selected data from the 1790 to the present 1960 U.S. Censuses. User can create data maps and customized tables.

Susan B. Carter. Historical Statistics of the United States : Earliest Times to the Present. New York. Cambridge University Press. 2006. REF HA 202 H57 2006.

Statistics of Railways in the United States (ITC 1 ste 1: )

  • Annual report from 1902 - 1948.

Reports of the Immigration Commission (J 21.2: )

  • 41 volume report of a commission appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt that was published in 1911.
  • Statistics and analysis of the impact of immigrants on such things as the U.S. job market, schools, etc.

Reports of the Womens Bureau (L 36.103: )

  • Monthly reports from 1911 - 1958
  • Themes include jobs, salaries, working conditions, etc. of women and child workers

Survey of the Conditions of the Indians of the United States: Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate (microfilm)

  • Transcripts of hearings held between 1929 and 1944
  • Testimony concerning living conditions on all reservations in the country

Annual Report of the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes 1895-1920 (microfilm)

  • Annual report to congress by a commission that investigated conditions of Native Americans
  • Microfilm Includes index of the 1895 - 1905 reports

Diplomatic History/Foreign Relations

National Security Archives - Georgetown University Collections of documents outlining U.S. Foreign Policy back to the Cold War

Foreign Relations of the United States (S 1.3: )

The Emerging Nation: a Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States under the Articles of Confederation (AE 1.114/3:N 21)

  • Correspondence/papers of colonial leaders attempting to establish an international presence for the new nation. >

Kapplers Indian Affairs : Laws and Treaties (Y 4.In 2/2 : L44)

  • Seven volumes of treaties and other acts of Congress related to Indian policy.

Ratified Indian Treaties (microfilm)

  • Despite the title, this collection also includes unratified and "unperfected" treaties as well.

League of Nations Treaties (microfilm)

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements 1776-1949 (S 9.12/2: )

  • Arranged by Country.

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements 1949 - present (S 9.12: )

Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918 - 1945 (S 1.82: C/ vol. 1-13)

  • Official papers, correspondence of U.S. and European foreign affairs officials with Germany in the period between the World Wars.

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression : Office of the Chief Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality 1946 (W 1.2 : N 23)

  • Documents of the Nuremburg Trials.

Trials of War Criminals (D 102.8: )

  • Transcripts of testimony at some of the Nuremburg Trials >

Military History

Naval Documents of the American Revolution (D 207.12: )

Naval Documents Related to the United States Wars with the Barabary Powere 1805-1807 (W 45.1: )

Naval Documents Related to the Quasi-War between the United States and France 1797 - 1801 (W 45.5: )

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of Rebellion (W 45.5:

War of Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (W 45.5: )

Colonial/Territorial/Confederate Governments

A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy: Including Diplomatic Correspondence 1861 - 1865 (Serial Set Volume 3265)

  • Messages, papers, proclamations of Jefferson Davis.
  • Diplomatic correspondence of the Confederate Secretaries of State.
  • Biographical sketches of important Confederate officials.

Journals of the Continental Congress 1784 - 1786 (LC 4.5: )

  • Speeches, floor debates, and documents from the Continental Congress.

Letters of the Delegates to the Continental Congress (LC 1.34: )

Papers of the Continental Congress 1774 - 1789 (microfim)

  • Over 200 roles of microfilmed documents from the National Archives.
  • The index to this set is located on top of the microfilm cabinet.

Territorial Papers of the United States (S 1.36: )

  • Papers, correspondence from selected territorial governments.

Texas Diplomatic Correspondence (SI 4.1: 1907 and 1908)

  • Issued as the 1907 and 1908 Annual report of the American Historical Association.
  • Diplomatic Correspondence of the Dept. of State, Republic of Texas, 1835-1942.

Last Updated: January 10, 2008

Microprint collections in Gov Pubs

Papers of the Continental Congress. 1774-1789. 204 rolls of microfilm. Five volume index is located on top of the cabinet.

Foreign Letters of the Continental Congress and the Dept. of State. 1785-90. 1 roll of microfilm.

Domestic Letters of the Dept. of State. 1784-1906. 2 rolls.

Records of the Dept. of State Relating to Internal Affairs in Germany. 1910-1929.

United States Statutes at Large vol. 5 to 55. 75 rolls.

Minutes of the U.S. Supreme Court. 1790-1950. 41 rolls.

League of Nations Treaty Series. 1920-1925. Vol. 1-205. 38 rolls.

Saionji-Harada Memoirs. pt. 1-8. March 1930-Nov. 1940. 3 rolls.

British House of Commons Papers.

  • Uganda Correspondence. 1892-1899.
  • Report of the Slave Trade Commissioners on African Settlement.
  • Report from the Select Committee on West Africa. 1842. 2 rolls.
  • Papers relative to the Expedtion to the Niger River. 1843.
  • Report on the West Coast of Africa. 1865.

Federal Mortality Census Schedule. Colorado 1870 and 1880. 2 rolls

1870 - 1930 Population Census Schedules for Colorado Counties. 116 rolls.

U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Miscellaneous Letters Sent by the Pueblo Indian Agency. 1874-1891. 10 rolls.

U.S. National Archives. Ratified Indian Treaties. 1894-1920. 1722-1869. 16 rolls.

Reports of the U.S. Superintendent for the Five Civilized Tribes. 1894-1920. 2 rolls.

U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Survey of the Condition of the Indians of the United States. 1929-1944. 9 rolls.

Mexican Archives. 42 rolls.

Assessment Lists. Internal revenue Dept. 1862-1866. 3 rolls.

Colorado Territorial Papers, Interior Dept. Letters received Relating to the Penitentiary at Canon City, 1861-1876. 3 rolls.

Colorado Territorial Papers. State Dept. 1859-1874. 1 roll.

Correspondence of the Office of Explorations and surveys Concerning Isaac Stevens' Survey of a Northern Route for the Pacific Railway. 1853-1861. 1 roll.

Postmasters Record of Appointmentments. Coloraod Counties. 1832-1971. 4 rolls.

Historic American Buildings Survey. Colorado. 1 roll.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. 1938-1974. 5 rolls.