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Searching for Music Resources: A Step-by-Step Guide

A guide to how to find things in the Music Library - step-by-step, no stress, and online!

Searching in Prospector

Prospector can be accessed via the link below the Summon search box on the University Libraries main page, from Encore or Summon searches, or by navigating directly to it.

A screenshot of an empty Prospector search box

To run a basic Prospector search, simply enter a title, author's name, subject, or other keyword into the box and click the round Search button!

Once you have searched for your item, you will be shown a list of results. If you have previously searched with Encore, this should look familiar; Prospector also uses Encore to search, so the filters and tools available are the same. Results should look something like this:

A screenshot of a results page for a Prospector search for "fiddle music", showing Encore filters for Format, Collect, Language, and Publish Date to the left and several search results on the right

If the message No copies currently available appears in red next to an item, it is not available from any libraries who participate in Prospector at the moment (although it might become available later, so it never hurts to check again!). How many participating libraries hold the item is listed underneath it (for example, "4 Libraries have this title"). Clicking on this link will take you to the item's page, where the libraries that hold the item are listed:

A screenshot of a listing of four Prospector libraries - Auraria Library, CU Boulder, Marmot Library Network, and University of Wyoming

A screenshot of a detailed list of locations at Auraria Library, CU Boulder, Marmot Library Network, and University of Wyoming

If University of Northern Colorado is on the list, the item is held here in the University Libraries and does not need to be requested through Prospector. In the example above, UNC is not on the list; the item is not available at Marmot Library Network and is not lent out at Auraria Library or CU Boulder, but the University of Wyoming lists it as AVAILABLE, so it can be requested through Prospector.

Once you have found an item you might want to check out, you can request it using the same Request it button you use in Encore.