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Literature Review: Evaluating and summarizing sources

Information on how to write a literature review.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria:

  • What are the author’s credentials? 
  • What sources does the author use to support his/her conclusion?
  • Is the article biased?
  • Is the author objective and fair, or does the author ignore certain data or information contradictory to his/her conclusions? 
  • Does the author’s argument make sense and is it persuasive? 
  • How does the article fit with other research on the topic? 

Tips for writing literature review paragraphs

How to summarize and review each source

  • Use evidence to back up any claims you make about the article or author.
  • Use only the most important information that relates directly to your topic and organizational method. 
  • Avoid quotes as these paragraphs are really not long enough to support many quotations. 
  • Strive to consistently show how this article is important and how it relates to your thesis or topic. 
  • Maintain your own voice – you are reviewing the work of others so the paragraph should be from your point-of-view and how you perceive their work. 
  • Be careful when paraphrasing and be sure to attribute paraphrased information to the author in the text by using the author’s name, or cite the paraphrased information. 

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