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Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi)

This guide is designed to help researchers find full-text referenced in DELRdi.

Steps to get to journal full text

  1. Open a new browser tab
  2. Go to UNC Libraries website
  3. Click on the box "journal title"
  4. Copy the "journal/publication" from DELRdi
  5. Paste the information into the search box on the Libraries page
  6. If the Libraries have online access to the journal, you'll see a publisher or database name, like Taylor and Francis Social Sciences Library
  7. Check the date of the citation in DELRdi to ensure that the online access falls within what the Libraries has
  8. If so, click on the publisher or database name
  9. Then search to find the volume and issue for your article on DELRdi


Many databases make finding the full text much easier than DELRdi. However, this database is highly specialized and not run by a big company. Please contact me for help in finding the articles you need. Helping UNC researchers find what they need is a huge part of my job!