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Copyright for Authors & Creators

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UNC LogoAdditional questions about UNC's policies regarding intellectual property and your rights as an employee should be directed to the General Counsel.

Students may contact the Office of Student Life to make an appointment with Student Legal Services (this service is funded by student fees).

Intellectual Property at UNC

Section 2-3-411 of UNC's Board Policy Manual covers the intellectual property rights of faculty. An excerpt of this language, as of the manual dated August 17, 2022, is included below (emphasis added).

(a) Works for Hire. In order to support creative and scholarly activity of University faculty, and in recognition of the traditional view of faculty’s interests in intellectual property created as a consequence of employment by the University, the ownership of intellectual property in any form, regardless of medium, including class materials shall be apportioned as follows between the University and the faculty member(s):

(I) The University hereby assigns the copyright to such work to the author. The University shall retain a non-exclusive, non-assignable license to use the work for educational and/or research purposes with appropriate attribution to the author. The University reserves the right to use the work in teaching, scholarship and research, to control the use of the University’s name and logo in conjunction with the work, to require acknowledgement of the University’s institutional support in the creation of the work, to borrow portions of the work for use in compilations or composite works, to use the work to directly advance the mission of the institution, to require advance notice of dispositions of the copyrighted work by the author, and to make derivative works, subject to the time limitations of applicable copyright law.

(II) The faculty member shall be the owner of the work, subject to the University’s license set forth above.

(III) In the case of joint works which are the product of more than one faculty author in the employ of the University, the University’s assignment of its rights hereunder controls only the relationship between the University and the individual faculty member, and does not transfer the rights of one individual faculty member to another.