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Dissertation Prep

Videos and Materials
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Conducting Quality Research, Part 1 and Part 2

  • Presented by Dr. Maria Lahman, Professor and Becky De Olivera, Doctoral Student in Applied Statistics and Research Methods 
  • Presentation Slides

Writing Mixed Methods Research

Authors Rights for Dissertations and Journal Articles

  • Presented by Wendy Highby, Socials Science Librarian, University Libraries
  • 25 minutes • recorded June 10, 2018

Making Your Dissertation Available Online

  • Presented by Jane Monson, Digital Initiatives Librarian, University Libraries
  • 14 minutes • recorded June 10, 2018

Publish, Not Perish: Making the Most Out of Your Dissertation Research

  • Presented by Stan Trembach, Education Librarian, University Libraries
  • 21 minutes • recorded June 10, 2018
  • Presentation Slides

Writing Dissertation Methods and Results

  • Presented by Dr. Susan Hutchinson, Professor, Applied Statistics and Research Methods
  • 44 minutes • recorded June 9, 2018
  • Presentation Slides

Let's Talk: Taking Care of Yourself 

  • Presented by Dr. Linda Black, Associate Provost and Dean, UNC Graduate School
  • 60 minutes • recorded June 8, 2018

Other Materials

Rethinking the Writing Process

  • Presented by Professor Wendy Highby, Social Sciences Librarian, University Libraries
  • Presentation Slides

Discipline-Specific Expectations and Subculture

  • Groups led by Dr. Valerie Middleton (School of Teacher Education), Dr. Silvia Correa-Torres (School of Special Education), Dr. Spencer Weiler (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies), Dr. Linda Black (Dean of the Graduate School), Dr. Emily Holt (School of Biological Sciences), Dr. Jonathan Bellman (School of Music), and Dr. Gary Heise (School of Sport & Exercise Science)
  • Session Notes

Writing In and For the Field of Education

  • Advice from Dr. Christine McConnell, Foundation and Curriculum Studies
  • Document
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