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James A. Michener: Emlen House Films


In the late 1970’s, James A. Michener collaborated with Emlen House Films to produce and narrate a series of documentaries.  These films highlight many locations and topics that Michener addressed in his books.  The approximately 30 films in this collection were originally released as 16mm films and VHS tapes.  Many of these titles have since been digitized and are available to stream below. 

For a complete listing of films in this collection, please see the finding aid.  To watch in your current browser window, click the play icon. To access the item in the catalog, click the blue “Find this item at the library” link below the video player. Please note that copyright restrictions may apply to the films featured here. For more information regarding copyright restrictions, please contact the UNC University Libraries Archival Services Department at or 970-351-2854.

Hawaii Revisited (1977)

James A. Michener explores the history of the Hawaiian Islands, from their creation to present.

Spain: the Land and the Legend (1978)

James A. Michener explores the cultural forces that have shaped Spain over the centuries.

John Paul II (1980)

James A. Michener narrates the story of Pope John Paul II, the first Polish cardinal selected for the papacy.

The Enduring Tradition: Dance in Poland (1981)

James A. Michener discusses dance in Poland, an integral part of the nation's culture and history. 

The Enduring Tradition: Theater in Poland (1981)

James A. Michener explains theater in Poland discusses different theatrical techniques.

James Michener's USA: The New South (1981)

James A. Michener tours the New South, exploring story telling, segregation, and civil rights. 

Lowell Thomas & James Michener: a Dialogue (1981)

James A. Michener and writer Lowell Thomas have a conversation about their lives. 

Israel: a Search for Faith (1977)

James A. Michener tours Israel to discover why this region gave birth to three great religions.

The Black Athlete (1980)

James A. Michener discusses the role of sports in the career expectations of America's black youths.

Women in Sports (1980)

James A. Michener reviews the history of women in sports the current state of women's athletics.

The Enduring Tradition: Film in Poland (1981)

From the Grand Theater and Opera in Warsaw, Poland, James Michener discusses dance in Poland

James Michener's USA: The Far West (1981)

James Michener describes the gold rush and traveling by covered wagon to California and Oregon over land.

James Michener's USA: The Northeast (1981)

James A. Michener explores the attitudes and dreams of people in the Northeast.

Poland: the Will to Be (1989)

James A. Michener visits Poland, where he examines the nation's history, heritage, and people.

South Pacific: the End of Eden? (1978)

James A. Michener visits Easter Island, Tahiti, the Solomon Islands, and New Guinea.

Children and Sports (1980)

In this program, James A. Michener examines how sports activities affect children. 

The Enduring Tradition: Art in Poland (1981)

James A. Michener discusses art and sculpture in Poland, including the role of art in Polish culture.

The Enduring Tradition: Music in Poland (1981)

James A. Michener tells the story of music in Poland exploring traditions that go back to pagan days. 

James Michener's USA: The Midwest (1981)

James A. Michener discusses life in the Midwest, from football to farming and agriculture. 

James Michener's USA: The Southwest (1981)

James A. Michener describes the desert land of the Southwest.