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Personal Finance

Resources on personal finance, plus programming in the Greeley area open to all levels of consumers..

Personal Finance: Resources & Programming

Books @ Michener Library

Financially Forward
Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s for Dummies
The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance
The Index Card
Mastering Money: How to Beat Debt, Build Wealth, and Be Prepared for Any Financial Crisis

eBooks from UNC University Libraries

The Financial Rules for New College Graduates
Financial Literacy for Generation Z: a Practical Guide to Managing Your Financial Life
Work Your Money, Not Your Life
Plan Your Financial Future
Financial Independence (Getting to Point X)


Khan Academy Video Thumbnail

Personal Finance videos from Khan Academy - Includes "FICO scores and credit bureaus," "Buying vs. leasing a car," "Tax deductions introduction," and more.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

Money Minutes from 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy (American Institute of CPAs) - An interactive video series to help improve your personal finance know-how in just minutes.

Udemy video thumbnail

Personal Finance 101 from Udemy (free course) - Everything you need to know about personal finance in the U.S, presented through concise, engaging, animated videos.

Web Resources for Postsecondary Students & Adults


Money 101 - The Colorado Department of Higher Education developed the Money 101 to address broad personal finance topics such as managing a budget, credit and debt, income and spending, saving and investments, and college financing. logo - A U.S. government website dedicated to financial education on matters such as buying a home, balancing a checkbook, and investing in retirement. Tools include calculators, worksheets, and checklists.

Budget Guides

Budget Guides from Money Management International - Take financial improvement into your own hands with these comprehensive guides, designed to help you maximize your savings in each unique budget category.


GradSense - An online education platform that provides tools and resources to help students plan for their financial future. Targeted towards current graduate students, undergraduate students, and those who may be considering graduate school.

SAM logo

Smart About Money - In-depth personal finance courses, articles, calculators and tips to help you manage your money through life's ups and downs from the National Endowment for Financial Education.

CashCourse logo

CashCourse - Free online financial education courses through instructor assignments or self-study, including financial tools, personal dashboard, and more.

LYM logo

Love Your Money - This site will take you through a step-by-step plan covering topics like building wealth, budgets, setting goals, credit cards, debt, 401k programs, identity theft, and more.

Resources for Teachers

Fool Proof Foundation Logo

FoolProofMe - A website from the FoolProof Foundation with the mission to teach consumers the importance of using caution, questioning sellers, and relying on independent research before spending money.

EconEdLink Logo

EconEdLink - A premier source of classroom-tested, Internet-based economic and personal finance lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students.


Gen i Revolution - A free, online personal finance game for high school students where they assume the role of a secret agent assigned to solve a variety of financial problems.


Take Charge Today - Providing educators with ready-to-teach, activity-based lesson plans free of charge (formerly "Family Economics & Financial Education").