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UNC Affordable & OER Committee

Colorado OER

Colorado Legislation

Following a few early governmental initiatives in other states, the Colorado General Assembly took up the issue of Open Educational Resources for the express purpose of alleviating the financial burden of textbooks placed on K-12 school districts and students in higher education. To this end, in the 2017 and 2018 Regular Session of the Colorado Senate and Colorado House the Open Educational Resources Council was created with the directive of constructing a plan for OER in Colorado and appropriating funds to expand the use of OER in Colorado educational institutions.  

Colorado OER Council & CDHE

Goals of the Colorado Open Educational Resources (COER) Initiative
  1. Scale the use of OER through targeted grant funding, including institutional grants and individual or small-group grants.
  2. Ensure knowledge-sharing, professional development and community-building and sustaining opportunities such as regular virtual meetings and an annual OER conference.
  3. Establish enabling structure and staffing at the state level with a state OER Council, a full-time staff member in the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE), and an annual report to the Colorado Legislature.
Links for additional information about Colorado initiatives, events, and opportunities in OER