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*Overview of RSCW Support

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For questions, more information, or other concerns, please contact any member of the University Libraries Scholarly Communication Department:

Jen Mayer, Head of Scholarly Communication
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Nicole Webber, Scholarly Communication Librarian
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Stephanie Wiegand, Scholarly Publishing Librarian
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Copyright as Pertains to RSCW

Copyright law encourages the progress of our society by protecting original works of authorship yet also allowing exemptions for teaching, scholarship, and research.  


To gain a basic understanding of copyright, see our comprehensive overview:  UNC's Copyright Guide

Using Others' Works

If you are writing a paper and concerned about citing your sources and properly acknowledging authorship see UNC's guide about Plagiarism

If you want to know more about the exemptions allowed for Criticism, Comment, Reporting, Teaching, Scholarship, Research, click on the following link: Fair Use. There you will learn how to weigh the four factors: 1) Purpose of your use, 2) Nature of the work, 3) Amount used, and 4) Effect of the use.

Does copyright apply to audio-visual resources? Visit our Images and Sounds Guide 

How do you apply fair use exemptions in the face-to-face or virtual classroom?  See Classroom Basics

Protecting Your Own Works

How does copyright protect you when the shoe is on the other foot and you are the author?  Explore the flip side of fair use in Know Your Rights as an Author.