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Children's Literature, Young Adult Literature, and K-12 Teaching Resources

Resources about children's literature and young adult literature, along with information about the Youth Collection and K-12 Teaching Resources Collection

What is in this collection?

This collection is located on the 2nd floor of Michener Library and contains examples of textbooks, curriculum, nonfiction DVDs, computer software, teaching activity books, and other media kits designed for use by teachers with students in preK through grade12.

Arrangement of resources

LTD           – World History                                LTPE 1     English Language Arts

LTE           – U.S. History                                   LTPE 100 – Books on Tape       

LTG           Geography                                    LTPE 110 – Literature Anthologies

LTGV         Health, Physical Education            LTPE 200 – Reading

LTH           – Elementary Social Studies             LTPE 300 – Composition

LTHM         – Cultures (World & U.S.)                 LTPE 400 – Journalism 

LTHN         – Contemporary Issues                     LTPE 500 – Speech/Drama  

LTJ            – Political Science                           

LTLA 100   Early Childhood, Preschool            LTQ  1      – Elementary Science 

LTLA 200   Elementary Interdisciplinary           LTQA       Mathematics

LTLA 300   – Secondary Interdisciplinary            LTQA 100 – Elementary Mathematics 

LTLA 600   – Special Education                          LTQB        Astronomy

LTLC          Psychology, Counseling                LTQC        Physical Sciences      

LTN           Art                                                   LTQD       Chemistry 

LTPA 1     – Foreign Languages                         LTQE       Earth Sciences

LTPA 210  – Spanish Language                         LTQH       – Biology  

LTPA 220  French Language                           LTQL       Animals

LTPA 310  German Language                         LTQP       Human Body/Senses    

LTPA 600  English Language Learners            LTZ          Authors/Information Literacy

Searching for materials in this collection on the Source Library Catalog

On the Books & More tab, click on Go to Classic Catalog, click on Advanced Search and limit Location to Michnr K-12 for

Ø  Activity idea books using children’s literature – Enter search terms children and (books or literature)    

  Add Material Type limit: Computer File for

Ø  Literacy software – Enter search terms reading or literacy or language art

  Add Material Type limit: Spoken Record for

Ø  Books on tape – Enter search terms fiction or drama or poetry 

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