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APA Style 7th Edition

Student Paper Title Page & Format


Student Paper in Microsoft Word
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  • Top - 1 inch
  • Bottom - 1 inch
  • Left - 1 inch
  • Right - 1 inch
  • Double spacing on Title Page, Text, and References (exceptions are made for Tables, Figures, Footnotes, and Equations - see the Publication Manual 2.21 (p. 45) for additional information.
Font Requirements
  • Use the same font throughout the paper.
  • Font must be accessible to all users; this means that is must be highly legible and widely available.
Recommended Fonts
  • Times New Roman - 12 point
  • Calibri - 11 point
  • Arial - 11 point
  • Lucida Sans Unicode - 10 point
  • Georgia - 11 point
  • Computer Modern - 10 point
Title Page


Page Number - in Header, right justified
Title of Paper - centered, bolded, located about 2 inches down on the page (1 inch margin + 2 inches space)
Blank Double-Spaced Line - between Title of Paper and Author
Author Name - centered
Author Affiliation - centered
Course Abbreviation, Number, and Name - centered
Author Note - most student papers do not require an Author Note; see Publication Manual 2.7 (pp.35-37) if an Author Note is required
Page Break


Text of Paper


Page Number - in Header, right justified (this will likely appear automatically, depending on the word processing program you use)
Title of Paper - centered, bolded, located on the first page of the page
Indent - the first paragraph and all additional paragraphs
Page Break

Abstract - For Student Papers, Abstracts are generally not required and the text of the paper begins on page two. If your student paper requires an Abstract, 
see Professional Paper Title Page & Format.

Headings - If Headings are required for your paper or simply make sense for the length and flow of your paper, see Headings for format and level instructions. 




Page Number - in Header, right justified (this will likely appear automatically, depending on the word processing program you use)
References - centered and bolded on the first line of the page
Reference Citations - left justified with a hanging indent and ordered alphabetically by the the first author's last name or by group authors' first word
Order of Reference Citationsalphabetize reference list entries by the surname of the first author followed by the initials of the author's first and middle names